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Why Ampion?

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Help The Planet

Joining Ampion is the easiest way for your business to help the environment by getting cleaner, more resilient energy to power communities like yours.

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No extra fees

Thanks to your state's renewable energy incentive programs, Ampion members receive their electric bills with no added investments or fees.

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With nothing to buy, install, maintain or worry about, you get to experience all the benefits of Community Energy without concern or a catch.



Ampion is available to homeowners, renters and just about anyone who pays a utility bill, making it easy to take part in sustainable change.

How Community Solar works


Sign up for free to become an Ampion member in as little as 5 minutes with your utility bill (to calculate your energy usage and savings)


Ampion matches you to a solar farm and assigns you a share of the electricity it generates based on your typical usage


The solar farm produces clean energy and delivers it to the grid, increasing the renewable energy available to your community and boosting sustainability


Renewable energy credits are applied to your bill each month based on your share of the solar energy produced, significantly reducing what you pay your utility


You pay for the renewable energy credits at a discounted rate, lowering your electricity costs and saving you money month after month

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Do good for the environment without doing anything differently

Nothing to install. Nothing to pay for. Start saving and making a difference with Community Solar.

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