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The City of Peoria is excited to announce its partnership with Ampion to provide income-eligible residents with Community Solar and savings. Residents save up to 10% on their electricity costs while supporting clean energy.

The program is available to Peoria residents who are benefiting from SNAP, LIHEAP, Medicaid, TANF, Supplemental Security Income and other government programs.

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Why Ampion?

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Help the planet

Joining Ampion is an easy way to help the environment by using solar energy to power communities like yours.

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Save money

Thanks to your state's renewable energy incentive programs, Ampion members receive regular savings on their electricity bills.

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No hassles, headaches or fees

Think of it as “solar as a service” — with no equipment to buy, install, maintain or worry about, you get to experience all the benefits of Community Solar without the hassles.

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Available to all

Ampion is available to homeowners, renters and just about anyone who pays a utility bill, making it easy to take part in sustainable change and access real savings.

How Community Solar works


Sign up for free to become an Ampion member in as little as 5 minutes with your utility bill (to calculate your energy usage and savings)


Ampion matches you to a solar farm and assigns you a share of the Community Solar credits it generates based on your typical usage


The solar farm produces clean energy and delivers it to the grid, increasing the renewable energy available to your community and boosting sustainability


Community Solar credits are applied to your bill each month based on your share of the solar energy produced, reducing what you pay your utility


You pay for the Community Solar credits at a discounted rate, lowering your electricity bills and saving you money month after month

Public benefit corporation

Ampion’s mission is to make it easy for everyone to access clean, renewable energy. As a Public Benefit Corporation, our success is defined by how well we serve the greater good, not just the profits we earn.

Still have questions?

That’s ok, Community Energy is new to most people. Lots of our customers had questions before they signed up so we compiled a list of some of the most common questions below.

A solar farm is a privately owned business established for the purpose of capturing energy from the sun and converting it to electricity. The electricity is then distributed via the utility grid. People can subscribe to a solar farm and receive a credit on their electricity bills for their share of the energy produced. Ampion acts as a broker for the solar farms, enrolling new subscribers and providing customer service.

Electricity is measured in Watts. Because solar farms are producing large amounts of electricity, it is typically measured in megawatts (MW). The output of a solar farm is measured and tracked by the utility company.

  • 1,000 watts equals a kilowatt (kW)
  • 1,000 kilowatts equals a megawatt (MW)

Construction of a solar farm takes about 16 weeks. However, finding a viable site, funding the project and acquiring all the permits necessary to start construction is the real challenge. That process can take anywhere from six months to over a year, depending on the permitting process and coordination with the utility.

Solar farms are usually located in suburban and rural areas. Solar farms can also make use of abandoned industrial properties, bringing new activity back to the local economy.

Find out if one is available near you.

The short answer is almost anyone! So long as you have an active utility account, you’re eligible. There’s no special equipment to buy or install. Don’t own your property? No problem. Homeowners, renters, places of worship, and small businesses can all support and benefit from Community Solar.

People are joining all the time, so probably, yes. However, out of respect for our customers’ privacy, we can’t actually answer this question. We suggest that you ask your neighbors about it.

Yes. Subscribing to a solar farm while it is being developed is a way to reserve capacity for yourself. You will not be charged a subscription fee and you will not receive any Community Solar credits on your bill during the construction phase.

You will have access to a software portal that will allow you to view the solar production, monetary savings, and environmental impact that’s possible with your support of our program.

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