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Developers & Asset Owners: Sites underperforming? It may be time for a change

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February 27, 2024

Is it time for you to rethink your community solar subscription management firm? Are you grappling with poor revenue optimization, high subscriber churn, or insufficient subscriber communication? If so, it might be time to look for a new community solar provider for your sites. In this post, we’ll share why many of our clients switched to Ampion after leaving revenue on the table with their previous solutions, and help you think through whether it’s time to consider another subscription management solution. Then, we’ll walk you through Ampion’s process for site migrations so you know what to expect.

In the past year, we successfully executed multiple portfolio migrations with excellent results for our clients. Ampion’s services go beyond subscriber acquisition. We also onboard subscribers and fully take over subscription management, even if your sites are already live. We even work with your current provider to onboard your subscribers seamlessly and efficiently.

Is it time to switch subscription management partners?

Simply put: if your community solar sites haven’t been yielding enough revenue, it’s time to explore other subscription management partners. While there are many reasons why many of our clients chose to switch subscription management companies for their community solar sites, these are the four most common, according to our clients.

1. Subscription vacancies Unfilled sites lead to lost revenue. At Ampion, we maintain a waitlist of residential and corporate subscribers who are ready in the event of churn. Our acquisition teams are always active. Plus, Ampion continuously adjusts subscription sizes based on subscriber energy use fluctuations, often eliminating the need for reacquisition to replace churn. These details help maximize revenue realization for the portfolio.

2. Subscriber churn A high churn rate often indicates inattentive customer service and a lack of communication with subscribers. Our dedicated Customer Care team ensures prompt and clear communication, instilling trust. This is especially critical for inevitable site delays.

3. Noncompliance Each state community solar program and each utility has unique regulations and consumer protection guidelines. Ampion ensures that you’re in full compliance with consumer protection practices, state program regulations, and data collection standards. While this seems like a given, the site migrations we’ve done show it’s not.

4. Billing inaccuracies Without an enterprise-grade billing system to invoice and collect from different subscriber types each month, you’re in a position to lose a lot of revenue. We mean millions of dollars. During one recent portfolio migration, we saved our client millions in lost revenue by identifying previous billing inaccuracies and correcting them to meet the terms of their subscriber contract. Read more in our case study.

How Ampion Facilitates Migrations

You’re probably wondering about the risk of transferring your subscribers from one subscription management partner to another. Ampion has done multiple site and portfolio migrations. We have streamlined our process to ensure a seamless transition with maximum benefit to developers and asset owners.

1. Ampion conducts a billing audit The first step in Ampion’s migration process: conducting a thorough audit of each contract to determine price escalator changes by year, discounts off the utility’s standard rate by year, and more. Ampion’s site migration team analyzes all subscriber invoices to verify whether the amounts billed complied with the terms of each contract. We often find errors here – contract implementation can be challenging, especially without robust billing and contract management technology to help automate adjustments over the 20+ year life of the project.

2. Seamless onboarding Ampion works directly with you and your existing provider to onboard subscribers effortlessly into our systems, removing the stress and risk on your end. Currently managing subscriptions and billing in-house? We’ll work with your team. You can be as involved or as removed as you wish.

3. Subscriber communications We notify your subscribers about their change in provider via email and/or physical mail. Ampion clearly communicates any changes subscribers can expect, including how to access their Ampion portal and contact Customer Care. These steps can be useful in staying compliant with state program rules and avoiding churn. And we’ll handle the subscriber communications throughout the lifecycle of the project. Interested in using your own branding instead? Check out our White Labeling capabilities.

4. Experience tangible improvements! Receive proactive and reactive subscription size adjustments for your sites, a pipeline of waitlisted subscribers, regulatory guidance, and robust data insights with Ampion. Our team consists of dedicated experts armed with proven processes, and we pride ourselves on offering white-glove service to our clients. Our clients have told us that we provide the best service in the industry.

It’s never too late to upgrade your community solar provider. Interested in learning how Ampion can transform your DG portfolio? Reach out to us at or fill out this contact form today!

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