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Welcome to a new era of sustainable energy solutions that deliver electricity savings and energy independence. Ampion Community Solar is a powerful tool for businesses seeking accessible renewable energy at no additional cost.

Save on electricity, expand renewable energy adoption, and support economic development in your community.

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    Why Choose Community Solar for Your Organization?

    Electricity Savings
    State Community Solar programs offer meaningful electricity savings, supporting your bottom line from day one.

    Support Renewable Energy Generation
    Ampion opens the door to solar energy without installations. Easily expand your sustainability efforts and promote your commitment to the environment.

    Perfect for Municipalities, Schools, Housing Organizations, & More
    Ampion helps organizations in a number of industries, including municipalities, school districts, housing authorities, and hotel chains. Our billing systems shine with these types of entities that have multiple utility accounts.


  • Why Ampion?

    Public Benefits Corporation
    As a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) and leading Community Solar provider, Ampion is committed to maximizing savings and the positive impacts from renewable energy.

    White-glove Service
    Ampion’s seasoned team ensures a smooth enrollment process and supports your business throughout the lifetime of your subscription.

    Data Security Assurance
    The safety of your data is our priority; Ampion is ISO 27001 compliant. You can trust Ampion's robust security measures to keep your information protected.

  • What are Ampion customers saying?

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    “Access to Community Solar subscriptions for our sites is a valuable way to save on electricity costs. We have worked with Ampion since 2015…and have clear transparency into the production, value of credits, and our costs…Unlike some subscription managers, we can access this information easily and get timely responses on our questions with Ampion."

    - Nate Dick, Director, Preservation of Affordable Housing

  • “We discovered that installing solar panels on top of the State Theatre was impossible…We are thrilled to have found an alternative way to support renewable energy and climate solutions for our community.”

    - Lauren Wayne, General Manager, State Theatre

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    “The Town of Eliot wholeheartedly supports this initiative and we strongly encourage you to sign up. Through Maine’s Community Solar program, you make your home or business more sustainable by helping to generate clean energy from a local solar farm, and even save up to 15% on your electric bills.”

    - Mike Sullivan, Town Manager, Town of Eliot

  • “As a company, we are committed to doing our part to support renewable energy. It has been easy to further this goal working with Ampion to participate in community solar. Their communication and customer service has been great and we look forward to partnering with them at more facilities in the future.”

    - Scott McCoy, Senior Vice President FMC Ice Sports

    FMC Ice Sports

Join Ampion Community Solar and take your business into a future of savings, sustainability, and local economic development. Let's power a brighter, greener tomorrow together!


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