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Ampion Promotes Andrew Kvaal to President, Celebrates Growth and Industry Impact

Ampion Renewable Energy


January 10, 2024

Ampion Renewable Energy is proud to announce the promotion of Andrew Kvaal to the position of President, in addition to is current role as Chief Operating Officer. This newly expanded role will encompass broad operating and full P&L responsibility.

As a member of Ampion’s board since 2021, Kvaal brings his extensive experience and visionary leadership to the forefront of Ampion’s executive team and has been instrumental in the company’s strategic evolution. During his tenure, Ampion has experienced steep growth, hiring over 50 new employees, raising tens of millions in financing, and expanding operations to four additional states. Currently, Ampion manages distributed generation projects for developers in nine states, with new states being added as more programs become active.

“Andrew has led a remarkable expansion in his role as COO, and this title change to President is recognition of the work he’s already been doing,” said Nate Owen, CEO and Founder of Ampion. “Under his leadership, Ampion has seen significant revenue and organizational growth, securing venture capital and venture debt financing. Andrew played a pivotal role in guiding Ampion and has been instrumental in the company’s success in attaining new talent, energy developer clients, and community solar subscribers.”

Ampion is a leader in the community distributed generation (CDG) space, with over 100,000 customer accounts. Earlier this year, Ampion launched its industry-leading product, Ampion+, a community solar offering for enterprises bundled with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Ampion has significantly scaled low-income subscriber acquisition efforts this year to help its developer and asset owner clients meet their revenue and acquisition goals and to uphold its mission of bringing renewable energy everywhere, for everyone.

“I'm proud of all that we’ve accomplished so far and excited about the opportunity that remains in front of us,” said Kvaal. “We’re expecting tremendous growth over the next several years, and I’m looking forward to scaling our company.”

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