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How to become an Ampion member
Enroll Houses

Joining Ampion and receiving the benefits of solar energy is easy. Here’s how it works when you sign up online or over the phone with a member of our team.

What you Need to Get Started

Your zip code

We need this to match you with a locally-operated solar farm near you.

Your utility account info or a recent utility bill

We use your account info to confirm your eligibility, assign you a solar energy allocation that matches your usage and predict how much you’ll save.

A payment method

A payment method like a credit card, debit card or checking account is used to simplify the billing process through our auto-pay system, and to confirm your identity to get you signed up. (Though in some states, payments may be handled through your utility and your existing bill.)

Get Started

What to expect

From sign-up to solar credits, here’s what to expect when enrolling in your Ampion membership.
Enroll Complete

Complete your Enrollment

Check your eligibility and sign up using your address, contact information and utility account data. If you’re eligible and capacity is available, you’ll be matched with a local solar farm.

Enroll Sign

Sign your contract to reserve capacity

Once we match you with a solar farm, you’ll be asked to sign a contract confirming your membership and the share of the renewable energy assigned to you. Don’t be intimidated! The contract is approved by your state’s regulators and contains protections for you, the solar farm and Ampion. (Don’t worry: you’re also able to cancel your membership for free at any time.)

Enroll Payment

Enter your payment info and await the benefits

Choose between a credit card or checking account as your auto-payment method and get ready to be more sustainable! It might take a few days to confirm the details, but we’ll keep you informed of your membership status via email (keep an eye on your spam folder just in case!).

What if I’m assigned “future capacity"?

Some members will be assigned to a solar farm and a share of its generated energy before the site is fully operational. We do this to reserve capacity and renewable energy credits on your behalf so you can start saving as soon as the solar farm starts sending electricity to the grid.

You won’t pay Ampion anything or see any savings on your utility bill until the site is up and running, but you can feel good knowing that you are contributing to new solar developments in your community!

Reviewing your impact and managing your membership

Once you’ve been welcomed into the program, you’ll gain access to Ampion’s member portal where you can see your savings and environmental impact, review your payment history, adjust membership and billing details, and more.

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